The Honda Owner's Guide to Power Steering Pumps

The Honda Owner's Guide to Power Steering Pumps

A power steering pump typically lasts the life of the car with proper maintenance. But sometimes it will fail sooner than expected. As a Honda owner, you want to be aware of:

  • What a power steering pump is.
  • How it operates.
  • How to diagnose a failing power steering pump.

That’s why we put together this comprehensive guide. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about power steering pumps, how they work, diagnosing a failing power steering pump, and more.

Replace pump process

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What is a Power Steering Pump and Why is it Important?

If your car has a power steering system, then it has a power steering pump. It’s driven by the serpentine belt, so it's located on the same side of the engine as the serpentine belt. The pump pushes hydraulic fluid through the power steering system. Check out this article for a more comprehensive write-up on what a power steering pump is and how it works within the power steering system.

How to Diagnose a Failing Power Steering Pump

One of the most common causes of power steering pump failure is a bad bearing. It’s not unheard of for issues with the drive belt to cause power steering pump failure, as well. Does your your steering feel odd? Do you suspect that your power steering pump is on the verge of death? It’s important to diagnose the issue right away and replace the pump if needed.

The good news is you can do it right at home with a pressure gauge and this 5-step tutorial.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Power Steering Pump?

A power steering pump sounds like an expensive part to replace. It can be true, but not necessarily. The price typically ranges between $400 and $1,000. The exact price for your vehicle will be determined by a couple of factors. They include the cost of labor and the cost of the replacement power steering pump assembly. This guide explains each factor in more detail and will help you reach an accurate estimate.

How to Replace a Power Steering Pump

As long as you have a few basic tools and an OEM replacement power steering pump, you can replace your pump at home. This tutorial for 2005-2008 Honda Pilots outlines all of the steps you need to follow, but it’s still general enough to be applied to most Honda models.

If you’ve got any additional questions about the power steering pump assembly in your car, please contact us.